Sean Thompson

Chief Revenue Officer


Sean Thompson joined DECA Dental Group in January 2023 as the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). Sean is responsible for all Revenue Cycle Management processes in this role, including payer negotiations, claim submission, cash collections, and AR follow-up. 

With nearly 15 years of experience in Revenue Cycle Management, Sean has an extensive background working with private equity-backed physician services and billing organizations, particularly in hospital-based specialties such as Emergency Medicine and Anesthesia. He also established and successfully operated his Revenue Cycle consulting firm for several years. His experiences have taught him the importance of implementing systems, building relationships, driving accountability, and leading people toward a visionary goal. 

Sean holds an undergraduate degree in Finance and an MBA. His educational background has supported his career growth, but he believes hands-on experience and adding significant value through differentiated skills are the best ways to achieve professional success. 

Sean’s leadership philosophy is to “trust but verify.” He believes setting correct expectations, implementing processes and systems, and empowering people can lead to excellent outcomes. As a leader, he ensures all three are in place. 

One of Sean’s proudest achievements at DECA is securing payer rate increases, some in the double digits, which is well above the industry trend. He recently won the DECA Support Center MVP award, recognizing his outstanding contributions to the organization. 

Looking ahead, Sean aims to position DECA at the forefront of AI and automation in Revenue Cycle Management. He plans to automate manual processes and implement AI to gain efficiencies throughout the department. 

Sean’s unique skills in Revenue Cycle Management strategy, not just the tactical day-to-day operations, allow him to add outsized value to the organization by leveraging payer relationships and technology systems and holding teams accountable. His core values include accountability, action, and clarity. 

Outside of his professional life, Sean and his wife love traveling, skiing, and being outdoors. Each year, they enjoy a week-long backpacking trip to get off the grid and reconnect with nature. 


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