Chad Luhn

Chief Development Officer


Chad Luhn’s journey with DECA Dental Group began in September 2017, when he joined as Vice President of Operations. His dedication and exceptional performance led to his promotion as Chief Operating Officer (COO) in October 2020 and to Chief Development Officer (CDO) in April 2022. In his current role, Chad is instrumental in expanding the company’s growth through DeNovo acquisitions and joint venture office openings. 

Chad’s educational journey has been a significant contributor to his career success. He holds an undergraduate degree in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Texas, which has equipped him with the versatility to work across various industries. His pursuit of knowledge continued with an MBA in Finance from Southern Methodist University (SMU), an instrumental qualification in his career advancement. The group work and collaboration skills honed during his MBA program have been crucial in his professional development, enabling him to communicate and partner with people from diverse backgrounds effectively. 

Chad’s unique perspective as an operator has allowed him to touch every aspect of DECA’s business, giving him a robust knowledge base on what makes the company work. This experience enables him to take on various projects with an understanding of the business needs and how to best support each department in achieving its goals. 

Chad’s leadership philosophy focuses on discipline, integrity, and loyalty. He believes in finding and executing projects that position the company to achieve its goals while maintaining integrity to ensure the job is done right and benefits everyone within the company. Loyalty is critical to creating a supportive team and consistent culture throughout the enterprise. 

Looking ahead, Chad’s primary goal is to continue DECA’s growth by expanding the joint venture program to be the main growth engine over the next 3-5 years. This initiative supports the company’s expansion and allows doctors to own their offices with the backing and support of DECA’s extensive resources and expertise. 

Outside of his professional life, Chad loves spending as much time as possible with his son, Wilder. He enjoys being outdoors and is passionate about hunting, wake surfing, scuba diving, and golf. 


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