Cassie Jenkins

SVP of Field Operations


Cassie Jenkins joined DECA Dental Group in 2008 as part of the first acquisition in Corinth. She has held numerous positions throughout her tenure, including Front Office, Office Manager, Regional Manager, Director of Operations, Senior Director of Operations, Vice President of Operations, and now Senior Vice President of Field Operations. 

Cassie oversees day-to-day operations, optimizing workflows, managing budgets and expenses, and developing strategic growth and efficiency plans in her current role. She fosters a positive work culture and ensures all field operations run smoothly. 

Cassie’s professional growth with DECA has been marked by on-the-job training and hands-on experiences that have significantly contributed to her expertise and leadership skills. Starting her career at a young age, she realized her passion for the workplace over formal education, allowing her to seek new challenges and opportunities for growth continuously. 

Her leadership philosophy is centered on serving others, putting their needs first, and empowering them to reach their full potential. Integrity, honesty, and transparency are at the core of her approach, and she values diverse perspectives and new ideas. Cassie aims to foster a collaborative environment where everyone can thrive and contribute to collective success. 

Cassie is particularly proud of her involvement in almost all significant initiatives at DECA, including the addition of departments and teams, integration of all lines of business, growth of operations, and all mergers and acquisitions. Her unique blend of experience and insights stems from her journey with DECA, starting from the front office and witnessing the company’s evolution from just two locations in 2008. 

Looking ahead, Cassie aspires to continuously elevate the guest experience, streamline processes for greater efficiency, and foster a culture of innovation and excellence. She aims to cultivate a highly skilled and motivated team, empowering them to deliver exceptional care while promoting professional growth. Her goal is to position DECA as a leader in the dental industry, recognized for unwavering commitment to patient satisfaction and operational excellence. 

Cassie’s core values include Integrity, Discipline, Excellence, Accountability, and Loyalty (IDEAL). These values are essential for success in her position and within the company. 

Outside of her professional life, Cassie has recently taken up golf and enjoys spending time with her family outdoors, watching her boys do what they love, traveling, and experiencing life together as a family. 


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