Why do some dentists have immediate success while others struggle to find growth personally and professionally?  If you are a new or experienced dentist seeking more in your career by practicing with like-minded clinicians, hoping to earn more income, or striving to reach the peak of your potential through practice ownerhsip…You are not alone!

Dr. Shalin Patel is a recognized leader in the field of dentistry. He focuses on achieving results in a quality-driven and guest-centric work environment. Dr. Patel has hired and trained hundreds of dentists and has a proven track record of building clinical teams around a cohesive growth strategy and dear leadership vision.

DECA Dental Group's industry-leading reputation for doctor training along with the variety of pathways for long-term professional growth has positioned the company to become one of the most sought-after dentist partnership opportunities in the nation.


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Learn how to excel during your transition into dentistry and immediate access to a variety of procedures in a guest-centric environment.

Learn how to achieve continuous growth, improve your confidence, clinical skills, and education. Build strong partnerships that can ultimately lead to professional advancement and practice ownership.

Learn how general dentists and in-house specialists work in close proximity, communicating immediately to ensure that there is a smooth transition for the guest and their care.

Learn to be in sole control of your treatment plans and work as a group through peer interaction and quality control to elevate the standard of care.

Learn from experienced leaders who have developed a streamlined training process that combines lecture, web-based training, hands-on simulations, and on-the-job training.

Learn about a DSO support center, which allows the ability to provide back-end service that lets our dentists focus on practicing dentistry and putting the guest needs first.

What You Will Learn

Learn to be free from the financial, operational and legal burdens of running a business while receiving competitive compensation and benefits packages.

Learn about the responsibilities of running a practice and how a DSO can also allow a better work-life balance and a more fulfilling work environment. 

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In this book, Dr. Shalin Patel shares his personal experiences from dental school, struggles throughout his first jobs, and the many lessons he has learned along the journey to building a Culture of Clinical Excellence. He offers guidance to train and empower teams to provide a best-in-class, evidence-based clinical standard of care that exceeds guest's expectations. Preparation is everything - success starts with knowledge and the actions you take today.

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About The Book

"As a non-dentist, I found Dr. Patel's book to be an enlightening look at the challenges and opportunities that are to not only the dentists of today, but the industry as a whole. I know practicing dentists, especially those planning and building their careers, will get glean powerful insights to help guide their future.

Dr. Patel's book is packed full of not only inspiration and time-tested principles of success, but also tactical day-to-day advice for any dentist to get the most out of their daily work and profession as a whole.

I highly recommend reading Dr. Patel's book to anyone looking to march forward in the new world of dentistry that is upon us."


“Transforming Dentistry Together offers dentists and teams a proven path to practice development. I like Dr. Patel’s practical approach to the most common challenges in dentistry.

I especially appreciated the chapter on leadership. Of all the opportunities to have fulfilling careers in dentistry, leadership tops them all. Dr. Patel’s clinical culture development at DECA and his book insights serves as an excellent example. I enjoyed reading and recommend Transforming Dentistry Together to dentists of all experience level.”

"Transforming Dentistry Together are words that Dr. Shalin Patel lives by every day. His leadership, humility, and positivity are evident on every page.

If you are looking for a fulfilling, contented, exhilarating, and successful career as a dental professional serving those who need, want, and refer you, read this book cover to cover and soak it all in. Your dreams will come true!"

Jacob Puhl, CEO / Partner
DEO - Dentist Entrepreneur Organization

Dr. Paul Homoly, Founder
Homoly Communications Institute

Anne Duffy, Editor and Publisher and DeW Life Magazine